With over 20 years' experience as a professional journalist, I have a good idea of what magazines and newspapers are looking for, and while no publicist can honesty claim to guarantee your company news coverage, I have a wide range of contacts in the media and can ensure your material is angled in the right way for your target market. I can look at the message your company is trying to get across from the point of view of the media and advise you about the best way to get your point across. I can also suggest potential markets and avenues you may not have thought of, as well as advise on multi-media and social media strategies.

From drafting a one-off press release about a product launch or an event to organising a sustained media campaign and fielding press enquiries on your behalf, I can offer a flexible PR package to suit your needs and those of your business.


Every business, whatever you're producing or whichever kind of service you are providing needs promotional literature of one kind or another – otherwise how are people going to know about you? One of the reasons a lot of corporate copy sounds stilted and self-conscious is that it's often written in-house by people who are too close to their product or to the service they provide. It's not always easy to stand back from your business and see it through a prospective client's eyes, which is why you need a copywriter. Powerful, persuasive copy is a very effective tool for getting your message across. Get it right, and it could have a serious impact on your company's business; get it wrong, and the same thing could happen – but possibly not in the way you'd envisaged.

I can help you define your message and get it over to your customers without resorting to jargon, cliché or technical mumbo-jumbo. I can also make sure it's literate and grammatical without any embarrassing spelling mistakes. Whether you need copy for a brochure, a website or something like a regular blog to update your customers about your company's activities, I can help you get into the mindset of your target market and speak to them in a way they'll understand. Just give me your brief...

Recent commercial copywriting includes advertorial content for companies including IKEA, John Lewis and LG for major consumer campaigns. I've also written marketing and informational copy for the property and travel websites Key Italy and A Hotel In Italy.