For magazine editorial, I offer a complete package from sourcing the location to styling and arranging the photography and interviewing the homeowner. Over the past few years I have been working with a number of high-profile professional interiors photographers including Andreas von Einsiedel, Christopher Drake, Alun Callender, James Balston, Colin Poole, David Parmiter, William Goddard and Huntley Hedworth.

Depending on the brief, copy is submitted with all the details the editorial team will need – having worked on a number of homes magazines, I pay a lot of attention to providing reliable, accurate and up-to-date information along with product and stockist details as a matter of course, together with all the necessary contact information for checking any queries. Images always come with caption and credit information, and after the shoot, I'm always at the other end of a phone or email to deal with any last-minute queries or requests for additional material.


With such a huge interest in interior design, renovation and property development, magazine editors are always on the lookout for beautiful and photogenic homes. This type of feature will always endeavour to show your home in the best possible light, however your privacy will always be respected – and please rest assured that personal details including the precise location of your home would never be published. As a matter of course, I always offer the homeowner the chance to see my draft copy before it's published and offer you the opportunity to make any amendments or correct any inaccuracies, or simply take out anything you don't feel totally comfortable with. 

Having said that, it's important to appreciate that readers will inevitably want to know a little about your story – who lives in the house, how you came to chose the house, how you came to the design decisions that you did and a little about your lifestyle. Magazines will almost always wish to include a picture of the homeowner in the feature, but don't worry – we work with some of the best photographers around and it will be flattering. It's common sense, really – imagine yourself reading a homes magazine and think about the sort of things you would want to know – where that kitchen came from, what is the name of that paint colour in the hall... So if you have a house that you think may be suitable for a magazine feature, or if you like to chat further to find out a bit more about what it might entail, please get in touch. Your house doesn't need to be huge or grand – magazines like to feature all types of homes, from fabulous historic castles to chic urban loft conversions, and just about everything in between.

Please don't feel offended, though, if your house isn't snapped up straight away. This will probably be nothing to do with the fact that it hasn't made the grade in any way – it may simply be because the magazine I've approached has just had a glut of cosy cottages or stylish barn conversions and is now looking for something different. I tend to approach magazines one at a time and wait for a reply before offering the house to another one. Having been on the other side of the fence as it were, I know all too well how galling it is to schedule a feature only to be told that you've just been pipped at the post by a rival publication.